Ark in the Park Video Diaries: Robins in the Ark

Guest Blogger: Filmaker Jacqui Brooks.

Last month, I went for a short walk down the Auckland City Walk with botanist Hayden Reynolds and Ark veteran Grant Capill. Hayden started at the Ark last year monitoring hihi with Andy Warneford and has volunteered to monitor robins this year. So by now he is well aquainted with the local birds!

Quite a few of the recent arrivals from Pureora forest have been spotted and are doing well. Everyone is waiting expectantly to see who pairs up with who now that the breeding season has started. As the previous robin translocations come from Mokoia island some mixed pairs would be ideal as this would help to create a more vigorous and genetically varied population.

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  1. September 8, 2009 9:08 am
    Robin Fan says

    Small, cute and perfectly formed (and that’s just Hayden!)

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