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Welcome to Forest & Bird’s weblog.  Like Forest & Bird itself, our weblog will touch on just about everything native and New Zealand:  our native plants, animals, our wilderness areas and environment, whether they are on land, in our lakes, rivers and oceans.


We welcome your thoughts and ideas about how we can all contribute to helping preserve our precious – and vulnerable – natural heritage.



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  1. February 2, 2009 12:56 pm
    Chris Pearson says

    Has anyone heard anything for National’s plans for the high country and the tenure review program?

  2. February 26, 2009 3:38 pm
    Grace Sutherland says

    And will the people from Vanuatu come down and help the next generation of New Zealanders clear “old man’s beard” from our smothered forests, because we don’t have the resources or will to do it now for ourselves?

  3. February 26, 2009 8:01 pm
    chris henderson says

    Did anyone else see the Fair Go programme last night highlighting the concern of a Northland buyer of fish and chips? Her particular species favourite was NZ snapper -imagine her disgust when she learned that she had been served frozen Chinese snapper…this in a country boasting of a $4 Billion fishing industry!
    More concerning, the owner of the shop said it is common practice for most fish and chip shops to be selling imported
    (Chinese,Thai,wherever) frozen fish if the local fresh fish were unavailable…What price the best fish guide ? Buyer beware…trouble is-how do we find out what we are eating ? Is it important?

  4. April 21, 2009 2:12 pm
    Chris Pearson says

    Well just to follow on from my comment in Feb, I feel vindicated. This is clearly an initiative orchestrated at quite high levels in the new government who has clearly had it in for tenure review for a long time. Unfortunately I feel that F&B inadvertently gave them political cover by their (in my view) short sighted attack on the tenure review process a few years ago. I am glad to see a strong support for the tenure review system from F&B in Kevin Hackwell’s comments in the latest news section.

  5. January 1, 2011 10:58 am
    Peter Dunn says

    Hi everybody
    I read everyday about how polluted our rivers are and what isn’t being done about it. I recently invented a product that is made from recycled plastic, that is cheap to purchase, that is easy to install that will solve most of our river pollution issues. It will prevent erosion of river bank while at the same time acting as a filter for runoff. It can slso be used to improve the effectiveness of riparian strips. And it can be used to slow down leeching or seepage to a rate which can be safely filtered. NIWA are showing an interest but it is a continual struggle to get anybody to listen.
    I have a solution that will return our rivers to the way they used to be over time. Anybody who thinks that they may be able to help is welcome to contact me.

  6. December 21, 2012 8:01 pm
    Greg Frater says

    Is anyone familiar with a pair of birds we saw at Anauru Bay, “East Coast past Tolaga Bay”. The birds have a dark, possibly black body and white wings? They are between the size of a starling and a blackbird, move quickly between trees and more quietly than a Tui, and appear to be nectar eaters?

  7. March 14, 2013 10:38 pm
    AJS says

    We are currently going through a drought. The worst one in living memory apparently. Wellington is about to run out of water in about 20 days.

    Its an interesting thing to witness our response. How people in the last 20 days are saving water.

    Not washing their cars, not using sprinklers, water-bans are in place throughout the country.

    Is this indicative to what is happening to our planet? Will we continue to pollute our earth and ocean; ruin our atmosphere; until our planet is nearly dead before anything is done to save our planet?

    Our planet is being destroyed like we running out of water. There needs to be urgency to save our planet like there is to save water at the moment.

    We, us, all of us need to wake up, snap out of our ignoant bliss, our stupidity and stop destroying our planet. The time to act is now.

    All the little things we are all doing now to save water should be like all the little things we should be doing to save our planet!

    If you see rubbish. Pick it up and put it in the bin. When asked at the shops; do you want a bag with that? Say no theres already too many polluting our oceans. Demand and alternative.

    Demand alternatives to what the supermarkets sell us! Everything is wrapped in plastic! We don’t want anymore plastic rubbish.

    No Government! We don’t want your Fracking, your Mining, your Hydro-dams! We don’t want industries that pollute our enviroment.

    What we need Government! Are solutions to our enviromental problems. What we need is an alternative to our insatiable consumption of oil.

    Or maybe we need some wake up calls from Mother Earth to get us started on saving her,

    How about some Hurricanes or Tornados. Or maybe an Earthquake followed by some Acid-rain, followed by some flooding.

    Maybe then we will wake up and do something to save our precious planet earth.

    Yours truely

    Person losing faith in Humanity.

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